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10 December, 2008

Pakistan might just prefer to attack India?

What do terror strikes in Mumbai, New York, Delhi, London, Jaipur, Paris, Russia, Afghanistan, Nepal & Iraq have in common? “Pakistan” and its links. And yet, lack of evidence and proof are buzz words to buy time. Even though Pakistan is under pressure from India, USA & Israel to rage an urgent war on terrorist outfits breeding in their country, is this really the best option they have?

zardariCome to think of it, one cannot realistically expect Pakistan’s Civilian  government to rage this war on terror for a number of reasons. They are newly elected, have little control over their own Army – which is threatens a coup , already under criticism & struggling on their offensive on western front with Al Qaeda factions – they once help establish, a beleaguered economy with immense curruption pleading a bail-out from IMF , confused sentiments on deciding friends & foe and a now being cornered to capture & extradite other terrorist factions on their eastern front.

Even if the terrorists from the “India’s Most wanted” list were to be handed over, it will expose their government’sManmohan Singh depth of support and seal their fate as a “Terrorist state” which is what really explains Pakistan’s refusal to hand them over. Afterall, what is the Pakistan minister trying to defend when he says they are “…Ready for a war on India” ? … the terror camps in PoK? With a sword hanging on their heads, perhaps a war with India is their only remaining option. This can potentially get them public sentiment on soveriegn grounds, unification with mercenaries who will actively fight against India, perhaps even cause historic damage with their nuclear misadventures and most importantly divert the whole agenda of abetting terrorism.

While this may be just a point of view, its only fair to set expectations from Pakistan to avoid procastination, heart burn and prepare for a united war against terrorism and those abetting terror. Its for global leaders to stop talking and unite in fighting this war on ground. This is not the bilateral issue of Kashmere anymore, its not a war against a nation, its a multilateral issue of global terror and this time the biggest democracies have spoken their sentiments loud enough.

A war for the future of Peace? Perhaps.


  1. I agree to the above, “If Pakis hands over the Terrorists or their beloved to India, the secret of them behind as a guardian would be revealed… ”

    The question is not what Pakistan prefers.. it is what we prefer..
    coz whatever Pakis prefer… .war or handing over terrorists… they will be ashamed and will be punished..

    World has been tolerating these people for ages now.. its time for all suffering countries to stand together and kill the terror.. so that we can give our future generation a terror free world to live in and fearless life..!!

    Comment by AN INDIAN — 10 December, 2008 @ 4:06 pm | Reply

  2. Well, as far as the WAR in between these two nations India & Pakistan is concerned, I personally feel that we the people of India are in a state of war with Pakistan since 1947. This lead to what we have already witnessed in 1965, 1971 & 1999. All this have resulted into frustration on the end of Pakistan and they discovered a new way of entering in India – “Terror” commonly known as ”JEHAD”; thanks to the support provided by European & American subcontinent initially by providing them financial & defence aid. Even upto Mid-2007 United States of America is providing Financial support of USD 100 millions per annum, purpose of which is still a question mark in the context of India.

    Refusal by Pakistan to hand over the Most Wanted Persons as demanded by India clearly indicates that their ultimate goal would be lost if they do the same. We all know that all terror strikes made in any corner of the globe has its strong links with Pakistan whether its 1993 or 9/11 or 26/11. But ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Now the time has come to “ACT” rather than saying. If USA can declare war on Taliban after 9/11 why not we..?? This is rather more supported by newly elected President of United States of America in his recent statement made in public just before Ms. Rice made a visit to India after 26/11.

    At the end I would say that this time its not Pakistan that is left with the only option of war against India, but rather its vice-versa. HIT THEM & HIT THEM HARD especially we should concentrate first re-occupying our land now know as “POK”….

    Comment by Ankit Agarwal — 10 December, 2008 @ 4:25 pm | Reply

  3. It’s high time when the natives of India should wake up and take an action against all this terrorism, it’s been a very liberal issue till now but now it should be a call for peace, we remain terrorized at every step fearing next attack, every now and then there are mails floated or hoax calls that make our lives all the more uncertain. I feel that due to a handful of people the whole nation of Pakistan is under the grave books of each soul here in India. We should acknowledge that no religion teaches to kill or cause fear or terrorise the living. And pak should realize that their irresponsible nature is causing a lot to people here in India to sustain their living. Pak govt should think logically and practically to prosper peace coz if they have the terrorists, it should be their own responsibility to hand them over to us coz that’s the right way to lead a nation and set an example. Also to add on every Muslim in India goes through shameful comments due to the deeds of some irresponsible creatures. So let’s together raise an alarm to warn pak and take a final call to encounter any attack.

    Comment by Shanib Khan — 11 December, 2008 @ 10:21 am | Reply

  4. The world is sitting still while pakistan is playing its old games. By agreeing to capture the terrorists in its area, the pakistani government is only buying time – who knows for preparing for a war.

    And why is the world not reacting when they say that the pakistani government will decide on the fate of these terrorists? Isn’t there a rule which states that perpetrators of a crime will be judged in the country where the crime was committed? Why is the world not backing india’s claims on these terrorists?

    This is just because the influencing countries like US will not want to burn fingers in other countries rivalry. The US will send its entire force to help save a US citizen. But when it comes to india, where more people have lost lives than in baghdad in this year, they advise us to exercise patience.

    If India really wants to come out of this, it certainly will have to teach pakistan a lesson and not wait for US or the UNO to fight for it.

    Comment by Aditya — 11 December, 2008 @ 11:04 am | Reply

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