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2 January, 2011

Facebook in my life

An afternoon visit to a local market, I came across a very funny poster that said ” Buy 1, Get 5 free! “. I chuckled as it reminded me of a morning discussion with friends on discounting gimmicks in retail sales. I immediately grabbed my Blackberry, took a snap, clicked ‘Share on Facebook‘ and moved ahead. By the same evening, there were 18 comments, ’25 Likes’ and more importantly I realized that my discussion with friends had continued in real time, long after we had left the room.

www.sahaye.comA few days ago, I went to a ‘Reunion’ party of sorts and was thrilled to meet some old friends after more than a decade. Just then, a friend’s spouse said “Hey, you know we were also at the club in the same evening, but must have missed you by a whisker”. Stunned (and feeling a bit scandalized ๐Ÿ™‚ ) to hear this from a completely unknown person, I said ” Aa Umm… What are you talking about??? ” She laughed out loud and replied “We saw your snaps … on FB!” (Through my friend’s account).

That brought me to another key realization that Facebook is the Ice-breaker!

With all the recent activity updates and snaps, one always subconsciously feels to be connected to another, on a day to day basis and bypasses any Introductory / ‘Ice-breaking’ requirements ๐Ÿ˜€

Facebook, just another social networking site of the West, had quietly seeped-into & become part of my life. Cognizant of the fact that I might be sharing too much information, it does make me a bit restless without checking updates for a few hours. A few minutes of idle time and immediately I hook onto it. Infact, the mobile experience is so seamless, that I prefer to use Facebook and Twitter on the mobile and not on my laptop.

Is it just me? Is it an OCD? … Well, now it is a Phenomenon!

Did you know that…

  • Facebook has over 550 million members and if it were a real country, it would already be the 3rd largest country after China and India
    • 50,304 links which are shared
    • 66,168 photos which are tagged
    • 74,204 event invitations sent
    • 79,364 wall posts
    • 82,557 status updates
    • 98,604 friend requests which are approved
    • 1,35,849 photo uploads
    • 2,31,605 messages sent
    • 3,82,861 “Likes”
    • 5,10,404 new comments

and counting!!!

Mark Zuckerberg

For connecting more than half a billion

people and mapping the social relations among them, for creating a new system of exchanging information and for changing how we live our lives, Mark Elliot Zuckerberg is

TIME’s 2010 Person of the Year

That’s not all, Facebook dethroned Google as the “Most visited site of 2010” and here are the rankings…


Well, life is busy… but we’ll surely keep in touch. See you soon… on the new social network ๐Ÿ˜‰


UPDATE (4th January, 2011)

Facebook valued at US $ 50 billion, which makes the company’s worth now more than eBay, Time Warner and Yahoo! Goldman Sachs and a Russian investor has reportedly invested $ 500 million in Facebook.


  1. Good observation Vikram, that also reminds me that how the basic instinct of human, self expression, has caught wings…in form of Uploading picture of their new office,
    Their first or in some cases second honeymoon pics….:) Sharing of videos they like..
    Feeling of joy when they receive comments on their photo or Status messages (I see a future where employees might be given 200 comments as their bonuses :P…and the poor guy will feel proud and take screen shot of those comments and frame this in his room Or when we want to check out, how our school or college crush, looks like now and which fools she is been tied to…

    And people have become so addicted, they even want to express even tiny update, last time one of my friend’s status message were like.

    I got up
    I am having bath.
    I am having shit….so do not read my status, might smell bad.
    I am getting out of the home.
    I am not at the Facebook but keep commenting.

    By the way, official name of the disease is (Face book Addiction Disorder)FAD. Not only it has changed the meaning of communication like you said, a stranger knows you by your special activities caught on camera (smile please ๐Ÿ™‚ but same is true with you friend. When I meet my friend offline i don’t feel we have not been in contact so long as i just commented on his silly status messages or Facebook forcibly reminded me to wish him b’day… he he he….

    Its hard to believe how have we lived in isolation before the age of Facebook or Orkut, and now it seems to be the logical extension of our life…

    Comment by Deepak — 10 January, 2011 @ 8:33 am | Reply

  2. Very well said, er experienced, Vix. FB has suddenly brought the cat out of the closet and put to public shame. Not only is one’s life public now, but its become kind of difficult not to get caught. If a friend invites me and I am not feeling like going, but being some place else, it becomes embarassing to get a comment back “hey, you didnt want to meet me but you were at another party!”. Funny, as it may seem, but even if you are extra cautious in facebook fasting and not putting your party snaps in public view, some other fellow has proudly put them.. and even tagged you. Ouch! Things were much simpler when we were young.

    Guess now I have to ask my little, er young, nieces how to hide!

    Comment by Kapil Bamba — 25 January, 2011 @ 11:54 pm | Reply

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