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2 January, 2011

Facebook in my life

An afternoon visit to a local market, I came across a very funny poster that said ” Buy 1, Get 5 free! “. I chuckled as it reminded me of a morning discussion with friends on discounting gimmicks in retail sales. I immediately grabbed my Blackberry, took a snap, clicked ‘Share on Facebook‘ and moved ahead. By the same evening, there were 18 comments, ’25 Likes’ and more importantly I realized that my discussion with friends had continued in real time, long after we had left the room.

www.sahaye.comA few days ago, I went to a ‘Reunion’ party of sorts and was thrilled to meet some old friends after more than a decade. Just then, a friend’s spouse said “Hey, you know we were also at the club in the same evening, but must have missed you by a whisker”. Stunned (and feeling a bit scandalized ๐Ÿ™‚ ) to hear this from a completely unknown person, I said ” Aa Umm… What are you talking about??? ” She laughed out loud and replied “We saw your snaps … on FB!” (Through my friend’s account).

That brought me to another key realization that Facebook is the Ice-breaker!

With all the recent activity updates and snaps, one always subconsciously feels to be connected to another, on a day to day basis and bypasses any Introductory / ‘Ice-breaking’ requirements ๐Ÿ˜€

Facebook, just another social networking site of the West, had quietly seeped-into & become part of my life. Cognizant of the fact that I might be sharing too much information, it does make me a bit restless without checking updates for a few hours. A few minutes of idle time and immediately I hook onto it. Infact, the mobile experience is so seamless, that I prefer to use Facebook and Twitter on the mobile and not on my laptop.

Is it just me? Is it an OCD? … Well, now it is a Phenomenon!

Did you know that…

  • Facebook has over 550 million members and if it were a real country, it would already be the 3rd largest country after China and India
    • 50,304 links which are shared
    • 66,168 photos which are tagged
    • 74,204 event invitations sent
    • 79,364 wall posts
    • 82,557 status updates
    • 98,604 friend requests which are approved
    • 1,35,849 photo uploads
    • 2,31,605 messages sent
    • 3,82,861 “Likes”
    • 5,10,404 new comments

and counting!!!

Mark Zuckerberg

For connecting more than half a billion

people and mapping the social relations among them, for creating a new system of exchanging information and for changing how we live our lives, Mark Elliot Zuckerberg is

TIME’s 2010 Person of the Year

That’s not all, Facebook dethroned Google as the “Most visited site of 2010” and here are the rankings…


Well, life is busy… but we’ll surely keep in touch. See you soon… on the new social network ๐Ÿ˜‰


UPDATE (4th January, 2011)

Facebook valued at US $ 50 billion, which makes the company’s worth now more than eBay, Time Warner and Yahoo! Goldman Sachs and a Russian investor has reportedly invested $ 500 million in Facebook.

20 October, 2010

Ode to the self

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At the crossroads of life, you oft become sceptical, reflective
Stutter to a standstill โ€“ immobilised, indecisive, introspective
Pondering whether to march on the trodden path, tested and secure
Or to take the road less travelled, enticing in its allure

www.sahaye.comAs you dither over the inscrutable dilemma
Thrust into the throes of a terrible trauma
Even the most cogent, consummate analysis
Will come to a naught-precipitate paralysis

Afloat in the fathomless ocean,engulfed by a torrent profuse
Caught in its cross-currents,you conjure up shores abstruse
But the spider of life weaves a vexatious web
The high tide of hope recedes,reaches its lowest ebb

Much as you fret and fume, agonise, agitate
Sweep it under the carpet, wish it will mitigate
The conundrum gnaws at you, debilitates, devitalizes
You sink into an abyss, no escape materializes

Alas! where is that elusive spark?
Whence will it come and make its mark
With senses benumbed, the mind clueless
โ€˜Is it beyond me?โ€™ you plead, powerless

Gather your wits, donโ€™t be torn asunder
Submit to your inner being, in abject surrender
Within the wellsprings of your consciousness lies the solution
You need only to look inward,motionless, sans digression
For there you will discover a flame -shimmering,sparkling,shining

Its the SELF, which always beckoned, whilst you were whining
Akin to a beacon-light, it annihilates all illusion
Salvages your ship from the stormy sea of delusion

When the SELF speaks,keep your ears open, be alert
The remedies it proffers are simple, the message curt
Pay heed to its averments, imbibe the profundity
Partake of its omniscience, revel in the majesty

Connect to your SELF and you will with an effulgence glow
At your beck and call shall the waves of wisdom flow
Tis futile to look askance, dwell on the outside
When the key to lifeโ€™s enigmas lies within โ€“ inside

Ode to the Self!


6 June, 2010

In loving memory of my Dad

PapaIn loving memory of my Dad

Mr. R.S.Sahaye IPS

(16th January, 1945ย  –ย  9th June, 2000)

Your life was a blessing, your memory a treasure,

you are loved beyond words & missed beyond measures!

Barely a year after his birth in Lahore (1945), this infant was torn between the partition of India and Pakistan. He survived the onslaughts and migrated to Punjab with his parents to start a new life. He grew up to be a brilliant student and one of the youngest among his fellow classmates in Ludhiana, Punjab. Son of an Engineer, he often topped the university in academics and started teaching as a lecturer in English (1965-1968). He was a prankster, yet simple & honest at heart, who was destined to do bigger things in life. He Mastered in arts with English as his subject and was very fond of reading the likes of Robert Ludlum, Agatha Cristie and Ian Fleming among others.ย  He also enjoyed listening to the Beatles, Abba, BoneyM and Indian legends Mohd. Rafi and Jagjit Singh as his favorites.

A little reluctant for lack of preparations and some insistence by his brothers, he gave exams for the รฉlite Indian civil services and got selected with a very high score.ย  He went on to join the Indian Police services in July, 1968. Apart from the stringent training schedule at the Police academy in Mt. Abu (Rajasthan, India), he took special interest in cultural activities and was quite popular among his batchmates for his skills, wit, singing and above all a very jovial nature. He put his heart and soul in the profession and became known for solving highly complicated & sensitive cases in his career. He was the 1st Superintendent of Police (SP) for East Delhi District and was later the chief of detectives at the Crime Branch of Delhi Police (DCP), where he created a record for the longest and most successful tenure in the department. He consistently got a Distinction in ACR’s (Annual Confidential Reports) throughout the career and was awarded the Police Medal for Meritorious services (Republic Day, 1984) and later the President’s Police Medal for Distinguished Services (Independence day, 1992),ย  the highest police honor in the country. His reputation of being a thoroughly upright, effective and non-politicalย  nature, sought him both – accolades (for those who valued his work) and many frequent transfers (for whom he was more of an “Inconvenience”).

Throughout his tenures, he always kept his family close to his heart and took them along wherever he was posted, be it the Andaman & Nicobar Islands (first as ASP in 1971-72 and then again as IGP in 1990-91), Chandigarh (1977-80) or even while he became the 1st Director General of Police (DGP) of Goa (1999-2000). His intense loving, protective, selfless and caring attitude towards the family was astonishing, considering the round the clock working hours and dealing with many hardened criminals at work. He was also a very religious, disciplined, grounded, practical, diligent and a farsighted person who never allowed his children to go astray with all the power.

tribute to Mr. rajinder singh sahaye IPS

Former Director General of Police

1968 AGMUT Cadre, Indian Police Services

He passed away at a very early age of 55 years with a massive heart attack, while at the peak of his career but left behind his uncompromising values and ideals that guide us to live with humility and self-respect. Today, ten years have gone by without him and we can still feel his warmth and love around us.

I now, firmly believe that taking care of your loved ones (especially parents) is true religion. We often pray to a God, we’ve never seen and overlook the unrelenting love and sacrifice that our parents have given for our future. If only, I had that one extra moment with my “Papa” and seize it forever.


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