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17 January, 2009

Chandni Chowk to China is a drag

Ever got a feeling of losing patience while tolerating nonstop nonsense? Exactly how one feels while watching the much hyped ‘Chandni Chowk to China’. It had such a gripping effect on the (remaining šŸ˜‰ )Ā  crowd, that they were unified in the cinema hall while yawning together and making sounds of “Oooh” in chorus, astonished to watch consistent stupidity of watching the star couple jump from a sky scraper to escape the villain, with help of an umbrella and immediately start singing.

chandni_chowk_to_chinaMuch contrary to Akshay Kumar’s macho image ofĀ  being a classĀ  action hero & a super comedian in hisĀ  recent blockbusters, he isĀ  mostly a cry-baby in theĀ  film who is seen weeping with tears rollingĀ  down.Ā  After seeing his foster father being killed in front ofĀ  his eyes byĀ  the Chinese villain, he is convinced toĀ  avenge it and approaches anĀ  old policeman forĀ  learning Cosmic Kung Fu. He is taught so, onĀ  principles of Shaolin but without an iota ofĀ  seriousness as he keepsĀ  cribbing and making fun ofĀ  the steps, not to forget his utterĀ  disrespectĀ  for the master. What finally helps him win the ultimateĀ  fight areĀ  hisĀ  cooking skills from the Chandni Chowk dhaba. DeepikaĀ  PadukoneĀ  looks very fit & vibrant in her Chinese attire and performs a double role and martial arts very impressively. Ranvir Shorey also has a great comical start but his role later reduces to a mere informer lacking any punch.

The Chinese crime-lord Hojo (played by a Chinese superstar Gorden Liu), wears his signature black hat that is thrown as a boomerang to slit throats. Warner brothers being one of the producers of this movie might have contributed to bring comic features in Akshay, with smoke coming out of his ears and getting kicked to outer space and back, but it fails to tickle the funny bone. In fact, its unintended scenes of violence make many kids cry. There is occasional slapstick comedy which is entertaining but the movie is otherwise a drag. I could never imagine writing a blog review for this movie, but hey such an over hyped &Ā  yet disappointing film comes only once in a while šŸ˜‰

The movie is worth a watch only if you have spare time, are prepared not to seek logic, want to see Deepika in an impressive new role and are fond of Kailash Kher’s music.

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